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HAND DYNOMETERS                                                          



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Force Gauges


physical therapy equipment, force gauge

Baseline?Back-Leg-Chest Dynamometer
  • Oversized solid base for safety.
  • Cushioned handgrips for comfort.
  •  Chain adjusts for height differences or to vary the point of force application.
  • Strength indicator remains at subject's maximum reading until reset.
  • Scale measures to 660 lbs.

Product No. 43056

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MicroFET2?Manual Muscle Tester

MicroFET2?Manual Muscle Tester
  • MicroFET2 features high and low threshold settings to accommodate both large muscles and digits, and measure trace changes.
  • Three interchangeable padded attachments accommodate large muscle surfaces, curved surfaces and digits.
  • Duration display aids in consistency in hold or fatigue tests.
  • MicroFET2 is 97% accurate and can be calibrated in pounds or newtons.
  • Includes three attachments, reference chart for MMT, test record tablets, user’s guide, convenient case, and batteries.

Product No.  micro-fet 2

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Plastic Goniometers

               Product No.  T0054 (12")

                                        T0054B (8")

                                        T0054A (6")

Finger Goniometer (metal)

               Product No.  FG1

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Hand Dynamometers


Jamar?Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer

Jamar Hydraulic Hand Dynamometer
  • Dual-scale readout displays isometric grip force from 0-200 lbs. (90 kg.)
  • Peak-hold needle automatically retains the highest reading until reset.
  • Handle easily adjusts to five grip positions, from 13/8"- 33/8", in half-inch increments.

Product No. 5030J1

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Baseline 3 Piece Hand Kit

All instruments necessary to evaluate strength and range of motion of hand and fingers.

  • Hydraulic hand dynamometer
  • Hydraulic pinch gauge (50 pounds)
  • Stainless steel finger goniometer
  • Padded plastic case

Product No. 43055

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Baseline 7 Piece Hand Kit
  • Hydraulic hand dynamometer
  • 30 pound pinch gauge
  • Steel finger goniometer
  • 2-point discriminator with 3rd point
  • Wartenburg pinwheel
  • Finger circumference gauge
  • Functional finger motion gauge.

Product No. 43054

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Universal Inclinometer
  • Fluid-damped to allow accurate readings of ROM measurements.
  • Two interchangeable bases: standard (short base) for small surfaces, and extension arm (long base) for larger surfaces.

Product No. U101


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MIE Inclinometer

Bubble Inclinometer
  • This bubble inclinometer is a heavy-duty, top-quality constructed unit.
  • Accurate to 1?nbsp;

Product No.  CA44130

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CROM (Cervical Range-of-Motion Instrument)
  • The CROM combines AMA-required inclinometers and magnets in an easy-to-use instrument.
  •  Eliminates positioning, zeroing and tracking errors common with stand-alone inclinometers.
  • Standardized protocol minimizes chance for examiner error.
  • Comes complete with manual, normal values, magnetic yoke, and convenient storage case.
  • Deluxe includes an extra nose piece, tape measure, deluxe case and the Forward Head Unit for taking forward head measurements.

Product No. CRM-B (basic)

                        CRM-D (deluxe)

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Baseline Skin Fold Caliper
  • Lightweight aluminum construction.
  • Measurement arms with “floating tips?under constant pressure assure accurate and reproducible results.
  • Easy to read 60 mm scale.
  • Booklet, tables and carrying case included.

Product No. SFC1


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Pinch Gauges


B&L?Pinch Gauges
  • Precision gauges are the recognized standards for measuring isometric tip, key and palmar pinch strength.
  • Measures in pounds and kilograms.
  • A red pointer remains at the client’s maximum effort.

Product No. PG-30 (30 lb.)

                        PG-60 (60 lb.)

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