Miscellaneous Physical Therapy Equipment


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Continuous Passive Motion


OptiFlex?3 Knee CPM

Designed to provide anatomical motion for all types of CPM Knee Patients: Pediatric, Athletic and Bariatric.


Product No.  2090

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Artromot  S3 Shoulder CPM
  • Easy to use handheld pendent with patient memory chip card which stores individual patient treatment data.
  • Full range of motion capability - adduction/abduction, flexion/elevation and internal/external rotation
  • Easy conversion for left and right shoulder treatment
  • Fully synchronized motors and individual set-up of all treatment parameters.
  • Ergonomically designed for patient comfort with armrest and adjustable chair.
  • Lightweight - 25 kg (55 lbs)
  • Folds up for transport and shipping
  • Pause feature, timer, warm-up mode and patient compliance meter
  • 2 year warranty


Product No.  2024

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Compression Therapy


physical therapy equipment

PresSsion?Compression Therapy

PresSsion Multi 6 Compression Therapy System
6 Chamber Gradient Sequential Unit

  • Designed for easy use
  • Use with either 3 or 6 chambered garments
  • Inflates two garments simultaneously
  • Quick inflation rate
  • Adjustable pressure with Digital Pressure Meter
  • Therapy timer from 15 to 120 minutes
  • Adjustable inflation and deflation times
  • Quiet, reliable, maintenance-free cyclone pump

Product No. 4333 - Multi 6

                        4331 - Multi 3

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therapy products

Single or Uniform Compression Garments
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Multi-Chamber Compression Garments

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Single Channel surface EMG System

  • Two modes of biofeedback - LED and 5-way audible tone
  • 5-way audible tone feedback includes Proportional, Above and Below Thresholds and 3-second delayed alarm
  • 13 segment LED bargraph visual feedback
  • Wide and narrow filters provide precise monitoring of normal and fatiguing muscles and eliminate EKG artifact
  • Highly-sensitive active sensor needs no skin preparation to locate muscle sites quickly
  • DC voltage output connects accessories and permits computer monitoring

Product No.  4100

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Gel Warmers


TM-1 Lotion Warmer

Keeps massage lotion and ultrasound gel at a comfortable temperature. Easily attaches to any treatment table or wall.

Part No. 4012

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Mini Lotion Warmer

For use with E-1 and E-2 Heating Units (Non-Electric)

Part No. 22100

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UTC Cart
  • This cart has an innovative design that allows storage and easy access of two electrotherapy devices.
  • Cart is 30" high with two shelves. Each shelf measures 18" wide x 16.75" deep.

Part No. CART02

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Utility Carts
  • Three 23??x 17 shelves with non-slip surfaces and retaining clips.
  • Swivel casters, two with locking brakes.
  • Carts with tubs have a shelf on top and bottom with a tub in the center position.
  • Optional power cord assembly includes three power outlets.
  • UL listed 15?cord, cord wrap and cable management system.

Part No's. 4080 - Grey without electrical

                    4082 - Grey with electrical

                    4086 - Black with tub

                    4088 - Black with tub and electrical

                    4090 - Black without electrical

                    4092 - Black with electrical

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Hydrocollator Accessories


Side Table Rack
  • For use with Models M-4, M-2, SS-2, C-2, C-5 and C-6.
  • Two racks can be used with each unit.
  • Stainless steel work surface and wire shelves.
  • Racks available to fit models (M-4, M-2, SS-2, C-2, C-5 and C-6).
    For units manufactured before November 1993, no side table rack is available.

Product No. 4010

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Wall Mounted Terry Towel Rack
  • This stainless steel rack provides a convenient way to dry or store towels, terry covers or slings.
  • Rack Size: 2?x 33?
  • Six hooks extend 15?from wall.

Product No. 4016

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